Monday, January 11, 2016

Entry 1, 1/11/16 (more 1/4/16) (San Jose, CR)

Hola! This blog will be a retelling of my time here in lovely Costa Rica. For this first post I will be writing about the first partial day I and my group spent in Costa Rica.

We arrived on 1/4/16 into San Jose international airport, one of two large international airports in the country. Cuban airspace was having a bit of a tantrum and thus the majority of our flights were delayed. Most were only for about an hour but still, no one wants to sit on the tarmac for an hour. The night was beautiful, clear and warm with just enough breeze to distract us from the fact that we had transferred from winter to summer in the space of a few hours. Well, Massachusetts summer, here this is winter weather. I met the whole group that night, ten girls and one lone boy. He will certainly have a new perspective after spending four months surrounded by intelligent and very opinionated women. Everyone is lovely. I thought so on the first night and a week later my opinion remains unchanged. We ate dinner at the hotel restaurant and it was then that I decided to avoid any meat other than fish and poultry. One, they are healthier than red meat. Two, they don't contain antibiotics to the degree that red meat does. And three, they are much less environmentally damaging than, again, red meat. I'm entitled to my opinions. Plus, this is an environmental based program and I'm supposed to try and think of ways to improve my impact on the environment. Literally, its homework for one of my classes. The food was lovely and I immediately fell in love with sweet plantains. They are wonderful. Truly, truly wonderful. None were left. Then we fell into our beds.

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